Meta Yug Games
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With Meta Yug Games decentralized platform You can create, explore and earn income in metaverses.

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Advantages of Meta Yug Games

A decentralized platform ensuring security and equality for its participants

  • Managed by the platform community
  • Increased security
  • Absolute transparency through smart contracts
  • Ability to make quick decisions riding the trend

Comprehensive high level of immersive game mechanics

  • Innovative solutions to attract new users
  • Low barrier of entry
  • Ever-growing community
  • Worldwide availability

A metaverse providing the ability to create, explore, and gain profit from the platform with NFT

  • Land and real estate marketing
  • Business rentals and advertising
  • Play 2 Earn, Move 2 Earn and Learn 2 Earn trends

How does Meta Yug Games work?

Meta Yug Games invites You to use virtual metaverses by building Your business online


Create Your own community


Upgrade to new levels and get income and tokens automatically to Your cryptocurrency wallet


Reach high levels to unlock opportunities


Higher level brings more tokens and more opportunities

What do Meta Yug Games consist of?

  • Affiliate program on smart contracts
  • MYG token
  • Staking Pool
  • Elements for DAO control of the entire service

Meta Yug Games Token

Commercialize unique objects with MYG token: NFT, personal avatars, lands and objects there, various goods and projects from other users. Thanks to the nature of Tokenomics MYG token can brings You more financial opportunities

Advantages of Meta Yug Games

  • Decentralization
  • Self-regulation. The community defines modalities on platform development
  • State-of-the-art technology. Project security and transparency ensured by blockchain and smart contracts
  • A money-making, powerful and comprehensive rewards plan giving the opportunity to earn high profits
  • Opportunities in the metaverse: tokens, their commercialization, trading within the metaverse, exchanging for goods from the real world

100% payout with instant payments to personal wallets, convenient personal account and transparent payments

Available to anyone

minimum registration fee amount and clear rules for participation

Secure smart

contract Meta Yug Games. All funds are transferred on users' wallets

Meta Yug Games ecosystem

All decisions on introduction and development of new products are made based on members votes. Everyone's vote will count.


Calculate your possible result in Meta Yug Games - select the programs and the number of venues. You will see the predicted result of one cycle from all selected sites.

* All calculations are for informational purposes only and do not constitute an offer.

The cost of all selected levels
The result for one cycle


The project's primary principles are decentralization, blockchain, gamification and the ability to create assets, explore metaverses and generate income using cryptocurrency instruments.
It is absolutely safe to Use Meta Yug Games. For the security of all participants, we assure complete anonymity, the transparency of all payouts and clearings is guaranteed by the unique smart contract. It instantly transfers all receipts to participants wallets. The contract balance is always zero.
Learn the mechanics of the META and YUG programs and activate them. Read the FAQ to find answers to the most popular questions.
The cost of activating the first sites depends on Your choice starting from as low as 10 USDT and is well affordable.
Decentralization allows community members to make decisions. The blockchain's capabilities make the decentralized governance transparent and more secure, as all the rules for transactions and operations are written up in smart contracts and are never subject to change.
It is a digital protocol for automatic execution of programmed conditions of primary importance because it cannot be changed after they are published. If a transaction or agreement fails to satisfy the condition, it is rejected. The Meta Yug Games smart contract code is stored completely in the public domain that assures its security and transparency.
DAO means Decentralized Autonomous Organization - Decentralized means no one owns the organization and there is no single point of control. Thus no one can impose sanctions, disappear with the money or change the rules (that is not feasible with smart contracts) - Autonomous means it exists on its own and does not need outside resources. - The Organization is a community united in common purpose and mission. The fully decentralized world of Meta Yug Games is controlled through the DAO, which owns the most important smart contracts and assets. Through the DAO You define how the world works.
The important decisions still have to be made by a governing body. Thus, our platform management is based on decentralization and involvement of each participant. The voting process creates optimal, fair and beneficial conditions in a decentralized digital space. The decisions regarding the development and trend of the platform are made by participants who vote for those who do the most for the project development. All participants vote for important initiatives such as tokens emission.
Today's reality lies in the fact that the usual financial mechanisms are losing their relevance giving way to new opportunities. One of the main future trends is the creation of metaverses and participation therein. The virtual space is drawing together the social networks and computer games features. The projects are built on the base of blockchain allowing tokenization of land, property and voting rights. The digital assets can influence the project development. The Metaverse can be described as a virtual space where users interact online and Meta Yug Games metaverse make it possible to get tokens and communicate with members, trade products within the metaverse and earn from it.
The metaverse is an excellent cash crop. See, for example, the advertising: inside Fortnite there are events consistent in time with what happens in the real world. So the advertisers can get a customized virtual world. And the creative mode gives almost limitless possibilities for customizing costumes, game plots and individual game worlds. That is where the Blockchain technology will be a good help. NFT could provide a means to protect the rights to digital property, virtual real estate and land.
Metaverses are already being called the 'new Internet', and they are off to a great start. According to Citibank the metaverse market volume could reach $13 trillion during 8 years, and the number of users will reach 5 billion people. Even now its participants buy and sell virtual land inside metaverses, trade goods and services that can be later sold in the real world and advertise their businesses. It is possible to order a pizza inside a metaverse, and the courier will bring it to You in real life.
Your tokens serve as proof of the uniqueness and originality of an item so You can make digital collections. Metaverse token holders can vote for changes to the project or propose them themselves. For security reasons tokens cannot be blocked; the ownership is anonymous (and requires no proof of identity) and is free of charge.
Absolutely! For example, the purchase of MANA Decentraland token at the project start would have cost You $0.018. At its peak its price was as high as $5 per token. So, that's a 3,000% growth.
Meta Yug Games

This resource is designed solely for informational purposes about the MYG tool for members of the MYG community. The website does not collect or store the assets of MYG users. MYG is a p2p tool that allows users to interact with each other uncontrollably without intermediaries